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ARTISTIC DICTIONARY: In keeping with its effort aimed at raising awareness on the importance of preserving and cultivating the proper use of a language, Zanichelli, the historic publisher of the Italian dictionary, has collaborated with Antonio Marras on a special project.

In particular, the Sardinian visionary designer and artist transformed 16 copies of the Zingarelli dictionary into 16 works of art, which were unveiled on Wednesday with a press conference at the Circolo Marras in Milan.

“When Zanichelli sent me about 30 copies of the dictionary I started looking at them. They were so clean and perfect that I was almost intimidated by them. I really couldn’t understand how to approach this work,” the designer said. “Then I realized that the starting point should have been a sense of pain, desperation, loss…so I kicked off the process.”

Antonio Marras project for Zanichelli

Antonio Marras project for Zanichelli  Daniela Zedda

Taking inspiration from iconic women, including dance choreographer Pina Bausch, naturalist Eva Mameli Calvino and Nobel Prize-winner writer Grazia Deledda, Marras created 16 sculptures dedicated to them.

“Since art never comes from happiness, but from torment, who knows torment better than women?,” said art critic Francesca Alfano Miglietti, explaining Marras’ inspiration.

Marras manipulated the volumes with drawings, collages, cuts, as well as applications of a wide range of materials, from sterile gauze and cactus spikes to screws and bolts.

Eight of the 16 works of art will be auctioned during a charity event at the Mudec museum in Milan on Nov. 13.

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