Antonio Marras

ON TOUR: Antonio Marras will bring his stage show outside his native Sardinia island next year.

The fashion designer and artist recently made his debut as theater director with the “My heart, I’m suffering. What can I do for you?” show, which was staged in Italy at Cagliari’s Teatro Massimo theater Nov. 21–25 and at the Teatro Civico in Alghero on Nov. 27.

“My heart, I’m suffering. What can I do for you?” show

The “My heart, I’m suffering. What can I do for you?” show.  Courtesy Photo

Written and directed by Marras, the show includes 15 acts bringing to the stage the dreams, disturbances, nightmares and obsessions of different generations. “I enrolled 20 performers, great artists, upcoming theater talents,” said Marras, who is known for his theater-like approach to fashion shows. “I involved them into this madness and, while I told them that this might have ruined their careers, they all spontaneously embarked on this project.”

In 2019, the show, which is produced by Valeria Orani and which mixes visual arts, theater, cinema and dance, will travel across the countries with stops in Milan, Rome and Bari. Then, in 2020, it is expected to make its American debut in New York.

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