Anya Hindmarch's Pimp Your Phone charms and accessories.

A REAL CHARMER: Anya Hindmarch is taking her flair for customization from the bag to the phone with a new collection of charms, cases, straps and stickers made for transforming mobiles into wearable, decorative objects.

Pimp Your Phone will launch at the brand’s stores internationally and on its web site today. It offers a rainbow of leather cases that can be adapted with a shoulder strap or wristlet, and a host of dangling charms, leather stickers and pockets for a credit card.

Prices range from 95 pounds to 110 pounds for the iPhone cases; 95 pounds to 150 pounds for the straps, and 30 pounds to 125 pounds for charms and stickers.

The customization features echo those of Build a Bag, which Hindmarch launched last year, offering customers the chance to choose their own straps and handles, charms, leather ruffs, key fobs and tassels for their baby calfskin bags.

Hindmarch said it was time to transform the ubiquitous phone into a wearable accessory.

Aside from having fun, Hindmarch said she wanted to offer something useful in an age when people use their phone for so much. “A phone is like a bag — it holds your purse, your camera and your keys. Now, you can wear it or put it around your wrist if you’re holding a drink.”

She also said there was pent-up demand for it: The brand launched colored leather stickers in 2015, and she found that most people put them straight onto their phones.

The launch also plays to Gen Z customers’ habit of changing and customizing their phone cases to suit their mood or the time of day.

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