Anya Hindmarch, The Weave Project

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL: Anya Hindmarch managed to get fashion editors to kick off their heels and happily slip on a shapeless blue coverall in the heart of Soho at her immersive installation dubbed “The Weave Project.” The installation, which runs until Tuesday, is inspired by Hindmarch’s new Neeson bag, a woven tote bag.

Taking place in the Brewer Street car park, visitors are ushered into an airy room upon entry and greeted by bright blue intricately woven mesh tunnels that snake around, and up from the floor to the ceiling.

“‘The Weave Project’ is a completely immersive and playful installation that you can experience from inside-out. We like to take our customers on the journey behind the inspiration for our collection, in this case The Neeson,” said Hindmarch.

Visitors eagerly jumped into the mouth of the tunnel, climbed through the blue netting and took pictures of themselves navigating the maze. Others lined up for the colorful baked goods such as heart-shaped cookies, macaroons and doughnuts with weave-themed icing.

In the room next door, the Neeson bag was presented in varying sizes and rainbow colors — electric blue, bright red and lemon yellow — lined up on white plinths. On either side of the room, visitors were able to view the bag being hand woven in real time by one of Hindmarch’s craftsmen. Customers are encouraged to personalize their bags and choose their own designs.

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