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RULING ARIES: British contemporary women’s wear label Aries has launched an e-commerce site that stocks the fall line, the spring 2016 collection and pieces from past Aries seasons, inspired by anti-consumerist youth movements.

“Until now, we have only had a blog, and it was very abstract,” said Aries cofounder Sofia Prantera. “We are growing and we need to have a stronger, clearer presence. Aries is a subtle brand, easy to wear and to make your own. It’s casualwear, it’s streetwear, but there’s an element of it that is quite fashion and elegant and, more importantly, it is about a different way to be feminine. Hopefully, all these layers will come alive on the Web site.”

The label launched in 2012 and is based in East London.

The site also features an art section showcasing images from Aries cofounder and graphic artist Fergus Purcell. “I would like the site to be a platform and an outlet for our creative work,” Prantera said. “There has always been a strong graphic element to my work: Ever since my days designing skate wear for Slam City Skates, logos and graphic applications have been at the core of my inspiration and design.”

She said Purcell’s work is an important part of Aries and the art section contains the abstract imagery and inspiration he has created for the brand. “Going forward we are also looking at different projects with different filmmakers and photographers,” she said.

The patterns are made in-house and many of the garments are hand-finished, foiled and dyed. The price range is 65 pounds, or $98 for a top, to 1,000 pounds, or $1,507 for a leather jacket.

“I would like eventually to be able to film our processes and display them online,” Purcell said. “At the moment there are a few products on the site that are handmade and customized, but having the Web site will allow us to increase this side of it, so I hope the site will free us from some of the constraints imposed on commercial brands and will allow us to follow a more independent and original path.”

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