The poster of the "Fabula" exhibit by Charles Fréger to be held at the Armani/Silos space.

GIORGIO’S UNIFORMS: Giorgio Armani is staging a new exhibition at his Silos space to coincide with the upcoming Milan Men’s Fashion Week. Opening on Jan. 12, the photographic exhibit, called “Fabula,” will display more than 250 images from French photographer Charles Fréger. Running until March 24, the solo show is the artist’s largest to date.

“The vitality of color is what caught my eye first, drawing my attention to the work of Charles Fréger. That color, however, is no mere visual feat. It is a depiction of human energy,” Armani said.

A Rouen School of Art graduate, Fréger has captured different subjects throughout his almost two-decade career, focusing on uniforms and dress codes adopted by different cultures as a mean of nonverbal communication. The retrospective at the Armani/Silos space will include the photographer’s early works, such as his 2000 “Water Polo” swimmers series, as well as most recent images called “Mardi Gras Indians” taken in 2016. Other works include portraits of the Finnish ice-skating team, sumo wrestlers and Jaipur elephants, among others.

“As a fashion designer, I know clothing is charged with a great symbolic meaning. Fréger constantly reminds us of that, scavenging the deepest aspects of dressing up as a way of communicating. I am very happy to host such an exhibition at Armani/Silos,” Armani added.

“Exhibiting at the Armani/Silos is a chance to introduce my photographic series since 2000 in a very inspiring space. It feels like visualizing the works chapter by chapter, as if the sublime architecture of the Silos was giving the rhythm to the photographic exhibition. There’s a sensation of time and evolution, a conversation with the rooms, the gray concrete walls and the precise lighting giving the best possible echo to the color of my photographs.” noted Fréger, whose images have been displayed at different art institutions and galleries in France, Mexico, Switzerland, Canada and the U.S., to name a few.

As reported, the Giorgio Armani brand will exceptionally skip the January shows to host a coed runway event in February, while Emporio Armani will return to the men’s calendar. The show will take place at noon on Monday, filling the void left by the Giorgio Armani brand. In September, Armani held a coed Emporio show and performance by Robbie Williams at Linate Airport.

In recent years, the Armani/Silos space, which was unveiled in April 2015, has staged solo exhibitions of photographers Larry Fink and Sarah Moon and artist Paolo Ventura, as well as a collective display of images by the likes of Aldo Fallai, Kurt and Weston Markus, Tom Munro, David Sims and Richard Phibbs.

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