Lucien Smith in the new Woolrich fall 2020 advertising campaign

OUTDOOR SPIRIT: Montauk, N.Y.-based artist Lucien Smith is the male protagonist of the Woolrich fall 2020 advertising campaign, which also features Serbian artist, photographer and creative director Ana Kras as the female counterpart.

Facing the travel restrictions imposed by the global pandemic, Woolrich, in collaboration with photographer Josh Olins and set designer Andrea Stanley, re-created the grit of New York in winter and a snow-capped natural environment inspired by Mount Hood in the Pacific Northwest in a photo studio, where the “Without Barriers” campaign was shot in July.

In the images, Smith and Kras are lensed braving the rain, wind and snow wearing some of the outerwear brand’s signature pieces, including the Buffalo Check jacket and Arctic Parka.

“It is a privilege to work with Lucien and Ana for the Without Barriers campaign. They are the embodiment of what Woolrich stands for: an outdoor heart paired with an urban spirit that can only be achieved through authenticity and commitment to their personal endeavors,” said Woolrich creative director Andrea Canè. “The campaign demonstrates how Lucien and Ana have persevered to overcome the barriers they have faced in their careers and fully brings our brand values to life. You can see the elevated purpose of Woolrich in Lucien and Ana and we’re proud to work with two individuals that have such a determined sense of self. Throughout the development and shoot, it was paramount that everyone was safe and healthy, and we took the upmost precaution when shooting the campaign.”

The partnership between Woolrich and Smith sounds particularly fitting since Smith’s artworks are typically inspired by interaction with the natural elements, including rain and ice.

Smith donated part of his fee to Serving the People, the nonprofit platform he created to support emerging creatives.

“When Woolrich approached me about the campaign, I instantly saw how we have a shared mission to empower people to create. Without Barriers serves a wider goal, there’s meaning beyond just making beautiful pictures and that sense of purpose should be the driver in the things one makes,” Smith said. “I’m very proud of the things that Serving the People has achieved so far. My ambition is to nurture and grow Serving the People and continue to support the future creativity of young artists. It’s what I want to do as an artist and it’s refreshing to see how brands like Woolrich are similarly pushing that conversation forward.”

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