Ashley Park at Huishan Zhang

Ashley Park is getting herself in a fashion state of mind, as she traveled from Paris to London to attend Chinese designer Huishan Zhang’s spring 2020 collection at the Rosewood hotel ballroom. She was wearing a chic tuxedo jacket with matching trousers.

“I really, really love his work, I think it is very otherworldly and very romantic. I feel like I see parts of my personality in his work which I love,” said the Korean American actress before the show.

She is filming Darren Star’s new TV production “Emily in Paris” in the French capital, with Lily Collin starring as the lead Emily, while Park’s character, Mindy Chen, is Emily’s best friend. The show is due out next summer.

“It is kind of the new ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Gossip Girl’ but in Paris. We have been filming in Paris for a month now and we are going to go through mid-November,” Park explained.

“We are playing girls of our own age and they are woke and trendy and they are very smart. I think a lot of American girls are going to book trips to Paris after this,” she added.

Park believes in real life she is a Carrie, while in the show, she is a hybrid between Samantha and Miranda. “She is hard on her but also the most compassionate and she is the one that when Emily is insecure, she is there for her.”

Coming from a theater background and with a Tony nomination in her bag, she said there “might be some singing for my character.”

Patricia Field, the costume designer behind “Sex and the City” and “The Devil Wears Prada,” is the creative consultant for the show. “She kind of melds the world of couture and Paris fashion, but makes it accessible. All of the pieces and looks that you will see are very bold and very fun. I was wearing one during filming this week and I don’t think I have ever seen a design like that.”

New to Paris, Park feels the city is already changing her style. “I am actually gearing away from whimsical a little bit and getting classy with a little bit of an edge.”

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