SURVEY SAYS: Fickle consumers that only a year ago had concerned themselves with searches on Polyvore for retail fast-fashion brands such as Topshop, H&M and Forever 21, made an about-face for Nike, Adidas and Givenchy in 2015.

That’s according to results from Polyvore’s annual year in review, done in conjunction with parent Yahoo and sister sites Tumblr and Flickr that also included lists on the top searches for tech gadgets, fashion, solo artists and celebrities.

The top-five most-popular brands searched for this year were rounded out by Fendi and Converse, which took the place of U.K. e-tailer Boohoo and British high-street retailer River Island in the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, last year.

Polyvore fashion editor Amy Wicks wasn’t ready to call the findings indication of fast-fashion fatigue. Instead, she likened it to a continuation of two trends: high-low dressing and ath-leisure.

“I think it shows they were infusing their wardrobes with affordable things and then also willing to splurge on Chanel and Givenchy, which is definitely what we saw last year,” Wicks said.

Polyvore’s mix of young Millennials also likely drove the strong results in the ath-leisure category, she added.

The top 10 for 2015 was filled out with Vans, Chanel, Christian Louboutin and Valentino. Zara, at number 10, was the lone fast-fashion retailer.

Topshop, in the number-one spot last year, ranked 35th this year. H&M, in the number-two spot in 2014 year, ranked 27th, and Forever 21 fell back 34 spaces from last year to 37th.

Sister company Tumblr noted a similar popularity in athletic brands this year, with Nike and Adidas filling the number-one and -two spots, respectively. An interesting addition to the top 10 for this year was American Apparel, pointed out Tumblr director of culture and trends Danielle Strle. She speculated the brand’s popularity may have been partially due to the media frenzy surrounding the company’s bankruptcy and former founder and chief executive officer Dov Charney.

“This is [American Apparel’s] first time in the top 10,” Strle said. “I think [the media spotlight] that’s a lot of it, but they also make the best T-shirts and hoodies and they’re affordable. And I think a lot of the conversation is about people being distressed about the idea that American Apparel might go away, discussions about Dov Charney’s behavior and the sexiness of American Apparel in general and what that means. There’s a lot to talk about with that brand.”