Au197Sm fall 2018 collection.

GOLD TOUCH: Au197Sm is going for gold.

“I thought there was a gap in fashion and with this in mind we started developing our first prototypes,” said Stefano Maccagnani, president of Au197Sm, discussing a new patented fabric with gold.

The entrepreneur, who also manages 15 other companies spanning different businesses, including automotive and biomedical products under the EOS SpA holding’s umbrella, established the brand in 2016. Its second collection was presented last February at Milan’s trade fair TheOneMilano.

Au197Sm made a name for itself since its launch for spring 2018 by melting 24-karat gold with fabrics through a patent-protected finishing technique to embellish its range of clothing. “The process requires three industrialized steps, along with a handpainted one,” Maccagnani explained.

With its fall 2018 collection, the brand enhances its high-tech expertise further, developing an ultrasound stitching technology, which can be applied both to man-made and natural fabrics. It was also used in conjunction with the application of the metallic finishes — such as platinum, along with gold — thus resulting in a decorative pattern both for women’s and men’s pieces.

Au197Sm fall 2018 collection.

Au197Sm fall 2018 collection.  Courtesy Photo.

“We are planning to further push our research for new technologies. We are now a few steps away from launching a new fabric, called ‘gold sandwich,’ which will become our next industrialized patent,” Maccagnani explained, highlighting that innovation has always been part of his entrepreneurial approach.

“We targeted all the most important markets: the U.S., Europe and China and we got a positive response throughout,” claimed Maccagnani, explaining that despite his initial focus on Middle Eastern countries, the brand engaged different customers.

“Implementing our wholesale channel is crucial at this moment, as well as setting up our own e-commerce,” continued the executive who stressed his commitment toward the brand’s expansion and constant innovation.

Retailing at between 300 and 1,200 euros, Au197Sm falls under the contemporary segment and is distributed in around 15 retailers worldwide. “We have a clear vision on the [brand’s] plans for the future, to position it as a high-end, niche yet modern and design-focused brand,” explained Paola Emilia Monachesi, who oversees the Milan-based design studio.

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