Authentic Brands Group has entered into a strategic partnership with Julius “Dr. J” Erving to own and manage the intellectual property of the Dr. J brand.

Jamie Salter, chairman and chief executive officer of ABG, said, “Dr. J is a living legend whose legacy goes well beyond the game and we see a real opportunity to build this brand for multiple generations.”

Erving joins Shaquille O’Neal as the second National Basketball Association Hall of Fame inductee and active celebrity and entertainment brand to be owned and represented by ABG.

Nick Woodhouse, president and chief marketing officer at ABG, said that Dr. J. is the first basketball player to be connected with global consumer brands. “His most notable endorsements span Coca-Cola to Colgate to Converse. We are excited to pick up that mantle and continue his legacy in consumer brands, as well as foraying into luxury, travel and corporate sponsorships.”

Erving said, “I consider it a personal mission to use my influence to make a difference in people’s lives and look forward to working with the team to find new and innovative ways to reach my fans and engage with new audiences.”

O’Neal said, “Dr. J was a basketball innovator, far ahead of his time. He is one my most important role models both on and off the court, and the reason that I am a first ballot Hall of Famer.”