CLEAN AND GREEN: Avon beauty is going clean, green and lean with its newest line, Distillery. According to the brand, the products are made from concentrated, vegan-friendly ingredients and packaged in environmentally conscious packaging.

“There’s an increasing number of well-informed and socially conscious customers who have a huge amount of choice. Distillery comes after years of scientific research so customers still get the performance they require knowing we’ve been respectful about ingredients,” said Gina Ghura, director at Avon’s future innovation team.

The company has also launched the line due to shifting consumer behavior. In its latest white paper, Avon found that customers are altering their perception of beauty and looking for products that can help them “find a happy place with their complexion.”

Distillery will debut with nine products including a facial oil, a cleanser and an overnight sleep mask. Products begin retailing at 15 pounds and go up to 22 pounds. They are also smaller in size than normal Avon products, which the company argues is due to the ingredients’ potency and to minimize the carbon footprint.

“Smaller jars don’t mean fewer uses because the formulas are more concentrated. They are distilled down to their essence with pure ingredients and no unnecessary fillers, which means high-performing products that can be absorbed deeper,” said Ghura.

Not only are the products plant-based, the packaging is the company’s first FSC-certified product line.

“We’ve chosen recycled glass to avoid plastic and for the makeup collection, we are using paper compacts and no mirrors to assist with recyclability. To keep lip and mascara products safe and portable, we still use plastic componentry but our goal for Distillery is to be 100 percent recyclable by 2025,” Ghura added.

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