Babylon Medicom

FOR THE GLOBETROTTER: A new collaboration with Medicom Toys’ Fabrick division pushes Los Angeles streetwear brand Babylon LA into bags, accessories and pillows.

The 18-piece collection, retailing from $20 to $130, was produced in Japan and is being sold in the Babylon online store and some retailers in Japan. A checkerboard pattern with a repeating bullet hole motif is the featured print for the collection’s slippers, wallets, pillows, backpacks and other pieces.

“Medicom has been a staple in fusing art and streetwear for years,” said Babylon cofounder Garrett Stevenson. “It was great to create a capsule of Japanese-made goods that we could put our spin on and bring to our core over here in the States.”

It marks the first time the company worked with the Medicom Fabrick division. Medicom produces collectible toys, including the popular Bearbrick series.

“I’ve been a big fan of a lot of the Medicom collaborations over the years so it was really dope to be able to come together with them on this capsule,” said Babylon cofounder Lee Spielman. “We wanted to make everything that you would need to be on the go. We travel a lot so this [collection] is almost like our built-in globetrotting pack. I’m really happy with how it all came out.”

Stevenson and Spielman started Babylon about three-and-a-half years ago, born out of a progression of their own personal interests in the punk scene and the hardcore band they still have called Trash Talk. The impetus behind the brand has been community and a DIY ethos as seen with a Hollywood store that was one-part shop and one-part community center. The space was shuttered in the summer and will be relocated elsewhere in the Los Angeles area next year.

The collaboration with Medicom’s Fabrick trails Babylon’s link with Venice brand Born x Raised, which includes hoodies priced at $160, $130 sweatpants, $70 long-sleeve tops and $50 T-shirts.

The label is distributed direct through the Babylon online store, in addition to a select group of about 25 accounts.