BACK AT IT FULL TIME: Valerie Salembier hasn’t only invested in Rubin Singer Inc., she has joined the company as ceo. As a result, she will no longer consult with other fashion firms about their business matters through The Salembier Group. She will continue her anticounterfeiting work with fashion labels through The Authentics Foundation, a consumer education group that provides information about the counterfeit industry through seminars, television appearances and its Web site,

Salembier, who previously served as the senior vice president of Hearst Corp. said she first met Rubin Singer’s father Alex, who was also a designer, years ago through Cindy Adams, who was one of his clients. Salembier also started buying the elder Singer’s tops and dresses. Fast forward 25 years and she reconnected with the younger Singer and has been consulting with his business for the past year.

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With distribution in 60 stores and a budding celebrity clientele that includes Beyoncé, the aim is to develop the company into a $10 million business in the next three to five years, Salembier said.

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