GO EAST: Baja East’s Scott Studenberg and John Targon made an appearance to promote their resort collection in a preorder presentation at the former East German Politbüro in Berlin — now the city’s private club Soho House with upscale emporium The Store in the basement.

“The Store is probably one of the top five luxury stores in the world, I think,” said Studenberg. “The space and the selection are not so much about the clothes, but about a lifestyle. And we wanted to absorb the culture and the street style for which the city is known and interact with it. It’s a place where anything goes — very much like our brand: ambisexual loose luxury that transcends categories.”

It’s the duo’s seventh collection in fewer than two years. “We decided to go for four collections per year because we come from sales and strategy backgrounds and understand what is important. The runway is for the vision, but the other deliveries drive the sales,” said Targon.

The Berlin store is one of 26 stockists worldwide, and Studenberg and Targon are going for more. “Right now, we’re doing classic retail, but it would make sense for us to secure funds to open our own concept store,” said Targon. “We have a lifestyle concept in mind that includes men, women, children and interior.”

Added Studenberg, “Accessories are definitely a next step. There’s a lot of potential in bags and shoes.”