A bag from the Bally B-Echo sustainable collection.

ECO-BAG: Bally is committed to doing better.

As part of its environmentally conscious initiatives, the Swiss-based brand is unveiling a collection of eco-friendly accessories for spring 2021. Dubbed “B-Echo,” the range includes multifunctional bags and smaller goods crafted from regenerated leather, repurposed polyethylene perephthalate (plastic) and recycled nylon.

The latter boasts the Global Recycle Standard seal of approval and is made of pre-consumer nylon fibers and leftovers from the manufacturing process.

Lightweight and water-repellent, the collection includes tote and crossbody styles featuring top handles and shoulder straps, as well as a backpack, pouches and a minibag, a style that’s been trending a lot in recent seasons.

Priced between 395 euros and 650 euros, the collection is available at the brand’s flagships and on its e-commerce site.

Bally’s commitment toward the environment and social responsibility at large came to the fore in 2019 when the luxury brand debuted its Bally Peak Outlook project, aimed at preserving the mountain environments and their communities.

Started with a clean-up expedition targeting Mount Everest through which the company helped remove two tons of waste from the majestic peak down to base camp, the project was further expanded last year with the creation of the Bally Peak Outlook Foundation.

The organization has pledged to sponsor critical clean-ups of Mount Everest and seven 8,000-meter peaks in the Himalayan region over the course of two years by 2022, working with the local Sherpa communities. Other mountaineering organizations Bally linked with for clean-up expeditions included the Japanese Fuji Club.

A signatory of the global Fashion Pact, Bally has laid out its Sustainability Roadmap in 2020, based on four pillars: transparency, quality, collaboration and progress. The company said last year it is aiming to map 90 percent of tier-one, two and three suppliers and develop longevity programs targeting product care and repair by 2022.