DID SOMEONE SAY COOKIES?: Scott Sternberg is public about his obsession with cookies. So much so that from 2010 to 2012, he operated a blog devoted to the baked good (http://cookies.bandofoutsiders.com) with the tagline, “If you don’t like cookies, you might not have a soul.” Sternberg has also collaborated with Christina Tosi, the founder and owner of Milk Bar, on custom cookies for his Band of Outsiders runway shows. Thus, it’s not a quantum leap that when Band of Outsiders opens its New York flagship at 72 Wooster Street this fall, Milk Bar will have a shop-in-shop of sorts — it’s actually a window, because food served out of a window is cuter and kitschier than food served the regular way. “We want our store to be about more than just an awesome shop where you can buy great clothes,” said Sternberg. “We want it to be an awesome shop where you can buy great cookies, too.”

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