BassamFellows at Atelier Courbet

BASSAMFELLOWS LAYERS UP: Instead of starting out in fashion and then edging into home decor as many designers are known to do, BassamFellows Inc. has done the reverse. Twelve years after architect Craig Bassam and creative director Scott Fellows first imagined their take on American furniture, the pair has now delved into accessories and a smattering of sportswear. Through the end of the year BassamFellows cashmere, sunglasses, shoes and other lifestyle pieces are being sold at Atelier Courbet on Mott Street.

The New Canaan, Conn.-based company teamed up with Parisian eyewear-maker E.B. Meyrowitz to develop its $500 Marion sunglasses, as well as the $450 Scott ones. There are also two styles of a cashmere crewneck for women, and three different weights for men with prices ranging from $600 to $1,000. Such essentials have been early favorites with the two-week-old pop-up store in SoHo. Another bestseller is the brand’s $600 Crombie sneaker, which is designed for men but is being purchased by women as well. There are also four types of leather goods, including a $2,950 weekend bag.

The label’s four options for boots were developed in conjunction with a small, family-owned shoemaker in the Le Marche region of Italy. There, Franco Cimadamore uses the patented Termoscarpa construction, which was created in 1943 by his father Guido and his brother Elio, a country doctor. The boots have a base layer of insulation, made of an all-natural composite of cork and wood, and an upper cushioned layer. An alpine zip boot at $850 and a riding boot at $1,150 are early favorites. In the next two months, Bassam and Fellows will cohost private cocktail parties for designers, architects and other guests with the help of Atelier Courbet’s owner Melanie Courbet in the 450-square-foot pop-up shop. BassamFellows’ Craftsman Modern furniture, which sprang from a tractor stool that debuted at Milan’s Salone del Mobile in 2003, is also being sold in the shop.

Having previously worked as Bally’s creative director, Fellows plans to continue to build a collection of essentials by adding such pieces as a tailored jacket and select outerwear. “In general, everybody is so inundated with stuff. We’re trying to have this superedited collection. We’re being very particular about the singular things we love and cherish,” he said. “I always talk about how if I removed everything I own that doesn’t fit well or that has details I don’t quite like, what would be left is the kind of stuff that we want to create.”

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