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Hair To The Chief: Beauty brands and drug makers have a new unofficial spokesman, whether they like it or not. President Trump is raising the profile of hair loss and rosacea by combating the conditions while simultaneously combating terrorism, illegal immigration and the deterioration of the manufacturing segment. Trump’s longtime doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, revealed in a New York Times story Wednesday that Trump takes the antibiotic tetracycline to stave off rosacea, which causes redness and bumps on the skin, and Propecia to keep his hair voluminous. Beauty companies selling non-prescription remedies think the president should reconsider his hair-loss and rosacea solutions.

“We know there’s a better way than pill popping for rosacea,” exclaimed Alexandra Calvo, founder of the rosacea-fighting brand NuRevealOrganics. “Trump needs to watch his diet and cut out rosacea food triggers such as avocados, chocolate, yogurt and cheese. Living a lavish lifestyle also may not be the best for rosacea since spa days in the sweltering sauna, and long days on the beach under intense sun both cause rosacea flare-ups.” Calvo additionally recommended a skin-care regimen that includes NuRevealOrganics’ Bella Rosa Oil Cleanser and Rosehip Healing Night Face Cream.

A rosacea solution recommended for President Trump.

NuRevealOrganics Rosehip Healing Night Face Cream could help Trump get off his rosacea meds. 

Maria Halasz, chief executive officer of CellMid, an Australian biotech company behind Évolis, a brand marketing topical products formulated to impede FGF5, a protein associated with shedding strands, indicated Propecia is an antiquated treatment, and Trump should enter the modern age when it comes to therapies for threadbare hair. “Hair-loss science has advanced immensely since Propecia was approved by the F.D.A. for hair loss in 1997. Few people know that it was initially approved by the FDA in larger doses in 1992 as a treatment for an enlarged prostate,” she said, continuing that Évolis “has no side effects and is designed specifically to decrease hair fall and bring hair follicles out of resting phase to create new growth is clearly a safer and more effective solution for the leader of the free world.” Perhaps Trump’s incoming F.D.A. commissioner, possibly Joseph Gulfo, could put updating hair-loss cures on his agenda.

As Trump looks to jumpstart employment, he could do worse than promoting companies battling rosacea and baldness. As he illustrates, demand for their output is huge. Évolis reported the market for hair-loss products is roughly $3.5 billion in the U.S., where 80 million people reportedly suffer from less than ample manes. The National Rosacea Society figures that around 16 million Americans have rosacea. A few well-timed Kardashian-style sponsored tweets from Trump could send them shopping for antidotes to their skin and hair troubles – and spur smooth skin and job and hair surges. #trumpredness #greatesthairever

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