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Rothy’s has a new expert-rich sustainability council.

Announced formally on Tuesday, the council consists of eight members, including five experts in the fields of fashion and sustainability and three members from Rothy’s. The council’s reveal coincided with the news of Rothy’s three-year circularity program for its shoes where the company pledges to reach circular production by 2023.

“From materials to manufacturing, products to recycling — circularity is about considering every step of our process,” a Rothy’s spokesperson said. “Our footprint is light, but we can do even better. And we won’t stop until we’ve come full circle.”

The council will provide guidance where needed in order to help Rothy’s achieve its goal.

“I am passionate about solutions, I think if we focus on the problems and the immense landscape of it all, we can sometimes feel paralyzed,” said Samata Pattinson, chief executive officer of Red Carpet Green Dress, a sustainable fashion campaign occurring every Oscars season, and new council member. “Part of the reason this position was so appealing to me was because of the unique way Rothy’s is tackling solutions. Not only are the products they make beautiful, but they have put a lot of attention and focus across the entire value cycle to create positive impact. We can’t close our eyes and hope the challenge of plastics goes away, and I’m keen to partner with organizations who are looking at solutions, conservation and pushing for innovation — including in the citizen use phase.”

Other council members include Lewis Perkins, president of the Apparel Impact Institute; Brittany Sierra, founder and CEO of the Sustainable Fashion Forum (a global consumer platform focused on fashion and sustainability); Michael Sadowski, an independent sustainability consultant, and Jing Wang, director, North Asia Green Building Certifications Inc. and U.S. Green Building Council.

“Sustainability is extremely layered and complex — no one has all the answers,” Sierra said. “Collaborative initiatives such as the council are needed to move the industry forward and drive the necessary progress required to create long-term change. Teaming up with individuals of diverse backgrounds across the value chain to share ideas and shape solutions allows the industry to overcome shared challenges by creating multidimensional solutions.”

Sierra hopes to interject the consumer perspective to the council and “shed light on how powerful we are when we come together, not as businesses and consumers, but as sustainable fashion advocates who believe that we can create change together.”

Representation from Rothy’s includes Roth Martin, cofounder and president; Saskia van Gendt, head of sustainability, and Sun Lee, vice president of design.

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