Bella Hadid in Dior

The Hadid family’s holiday card has another accolade to add to the list of all the cool things they did in 2016: Bella Hadid is creating a fashion collection with Chrome Hearts.

After Gigi Hadid’s turn designing with Tommy Hilfiger and the sisterly sylphs’ double appearance in Victoria’s Secret’s recent runway romp in Paris, Bella Hadid has revealed that she has a new collection with Los Angeles-based Chrome Hearts in the works.

In a sense, the luxury fashion and accessories business is keeping it in the family. Jesse Jo Stark, who designs with her parents, Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark, at Chrome Hearts, is good friends with Hadid. Joining Kate Hudson, Gareth Pugh, Virgil Abloh and The Rolling Stones as the latest collaborator, Hadid holds Laurie Lynn Stark dear enough to call her “my angel mother.” The multifaceted Millennial also photographed the Starks for a spread in W magazine earlier this year.

Word on the street is that Hadid was visiting Chrome Hearts for a planning meeting. Not a single product has been developed yet. With everyone buzzing with excitement, a black-and-white photo of Hadid’s back draped in a T printed with the company’s signature Gothic logo and the letter “B” was posted. The rest is social media history.

Within 12 hours of teasing the tidbit to her 8.6 million followers on Instagram, Hadid generated more than 303,000 likes. “Wow can’t wait to buy every piece,” confessed one fan. Another christened her as “Queen B.”

All Chrome Hearts revealed on its post was that the collection was coming soon. But someone had the foresight to create a separate account on Instagram for the line, dubbed Chrome Hearts x Bella, which drummed up more than 2,500 followers while most people in the U.S. were sleeping.

Since her fans invest so much goodwill and conviction in her, why should Hadid stop at designing? “Now please, a movie darlin. It’s your turn,” suggested an admirer. That could be saved for Hadid’s 2017 holiday card.