An astronaut walking on the moon will be in new Nick Graham x Bill Nye collection.

Next year will be a big one for science — July 20 will mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing — and Nick Graham is all set to pounce.

For the past three years, the designer has had a collaboration with Bill Nye the Science Guy for a collection of bow ties. And when the latest iteration makes its appearance, the ties will be part of what Graham said will be “a big, happy mashup of space.”

In a preview at his New York studio Thursday, Graham and Nye showed off the latest looks, which include the first moonbeam print, planets, various weather symbols and even an astronaut in a space suit with an American flag.

“They’re all science-themed,” Nye said. “We’re trying to get people excited about science.”

He’s also trying to get people excited about the launch of the paperback version of his book “Everything All At Once,” which is intended to offer up some life lessons to help people “think like a science guy, solve any problem and make a better world.”

Bill Nye with the paperback version of his new book.

Bill Nye with the paperback version of his new book. 

Nye joked that by being offered in paperback, it meant that the book actually sold enough copies in hardcover that the publisher believes others may want to read it.

But whether they read his book or buy his cobranded ties, Nye hopes he makes an impact since a portion of the proceeds of the tie go to the Planetary Society, Nye’s nonprofit organization that looks for life on other planets.

“Let’s all work together to change the world,” Nye said. “And these ties will help.”

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