GANDY’S GIRLS: London shoe designer Natalia Barbieri of Bionda Castena marked the fifth anniversary of her sophisticated shoe line with a titillating film titled “David Gandy’s Goodnight” featuring the british model seducing a slew of women in steamy scenes shot at New York’s Soho House. Directed by Benjamin Cox the women model Bionda Castena heels from  the Fall 2013 line which prove to be irresistable to Gandy’s character who proceeds to seduce them. The films’ finale shows the women waking up alone and shoeless as Gandy struts off into the meatpacking district morning hauling the stolen footwear over his shoulder. In a show of support for the fellow brit in attendance at Tuesday night’s screening at Soho House were friends Zoe Buckman (who was one of the producers of  the film) with hubby David Schwimmer in tow as well as Masdack and Zanna Roberts Rassi, Annabet Duval and Ben Pundole.