Bruta Fall 2016

HELPING HAND: British high-street retailer Boden is continuing to nurture young London-based labels through its Future British initiative, which launched in January.

As part of the initiative, which Boden established alongside the British Fashion Council, the retailer will host a joint presentation during London Fashion Week to showcase the spring 2017 collections of five up-and-coming British labels, chosen to receive support as part of the project. The presentation will take place at Brewer Street Car Park, the event’s official venue, and will feature collections by footwear label Camilla Elphick, Sam McCoach of Le Kilt, Alice Ashby of Blake LND, knitwear newcomer Caitlin Charles-Jones and unisex label Bruta, which is known for its embroidered shirts.

Elphick, McCoach and Ashby have been part of the initiative since its launch and received mentorship across marketing, brand development and communications, as well as financial support from the Boden team during their businesses’ critical first steps, which Johnnie Boden, the company’s chairman, defines as “the most fraught, question-filled period of any young design entrepreneur’s career.”

Bruta and Blake LND joined the initiative in June and in the next year another five young labels will be selected to participate in Future British.

Elphick said receiving Boden’s support was critical in securing a platform to showcase her collection during the London shows, while the financial support she received was injected into creating the brand’s seasonal look book. In addition, she has been working with the teams across Boden and the BFC to develop her customer reach through email marketing, newsletters and social media.

The involvement of the BFC provides additional support through its Fashion Business Network by advising designers on areas of their businesses including legal matters, accounting, banking and production.

“Boden’s practical approach is fundamental in supporting new brands to develop and grow as part of a global industry, confirming London’s place as a creative hub of excellence,” said Caroline Rush, chief executive officer of the British Fashion Council.