Body Optix by Lee Jeans

DO THE MATH: Lee Jeans is bringing its innovative Body Optix line to Europe.

The series of figure-enhancing looks has been created with a group of vision scientists and designers at the VF Cognitive and Design Lab in California. The way it works is: an algorithm calculates a pattern that is applied onto the fabric via laser technology, creating optical effects which trick the brain into seeing what isn’t really there. In this case: a longer leg or more flattering rear. Calibrated pocket shapes and placements along with a strategic design of the seams complete the aesthetic.

“There is nothing orthopedic about it, it’s all you,” assured Steve Zades, global vice president of transformational innovation VF Corp., at a presentation in London, comparing the technique to a good highlighter in makeup. “The fact that light and shadow create shape is something artists have known for ages. To do it on denim we need precision technology, which is laser from our partner Jeanologia, and which is not only precise but supergreen. ”

The 16-piece women’s wear collection, which includes skinny jeans, pencil skirts, bib dungarees, jackets and a dress, will be available from March 2018 and retail between 130 and 150 euros.

Zades noted that Body Optix technology can be applied to an endless number of styles, more of which will launch for fall 2018. Custom-made products are slated for 2019.