SHOT OF COURAGE: In the so-strange-it-must-be-true category, the sensory-enhanced events specialists Bompas & Parr is recruiting models between the ages of 25 to 50 for an Anatomical Whisky Tasting.

Visitors at the Valentine’s Day event at the London Shoreditch Ace Hotel will sample some of the world’s finer whiskies from the contoured bodies of models whose respective ages will coincide with the age of the spirit. To provide a greater sense of time, each will give a rundown of their life to make the gathering more of a performance.

Organizers vowed that there are gustatory benefits since each model’s body heat will raise the temperature of the whisky, which helps to enhance its flavors. The Whisky Tasting will also celebrate Issue 05 of The Gourmand, which has a photo layout and extended essay on such bodily drinking techniques through the ages including quaffing from skulls.

Not-exactly-ordinary multisensory experiences are old hat for Sam Bompas and Harry Parr who once dreamt up fruit-scented fireworks for London’s New Year’s Eve Embankment festivities as well as a rowboat-laden crystal green colored lake on Selfridges’ rooftop and last summer’s Boob Bounce House at the Museum of Sex in New York.

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