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STRUTTING ITS STUFF: London’s Bond Street switched on its holiday lights Thursday evening, with the installation taking its cue from the young men known as “peacocks,” who have frequented the thoroughfare at various points throughout its history.

Established in 1686, the retail street has grown considerably and is now lined with 80 luxury brands and art galleries. Beverley Aspinall, Bond Street Development Group’s managing director, said the human peacocks had a distinctive walk known as the “Bond Street roll.”

“They basically swaggered, rolling their shoulders, they had their hands stuffed into their pockets, and they carried a toothpick between their teeth. They walked up and down the street all day doing this, stopping off here and there, at an art gallery, or for lunch. But broadly speaking, that’s what they did; they posed.

“The tradition of men and women now posing on the street absolutely continues today. It’s still the place to be seen; it’s still the place to dress up and walk up and down,” she said.

The lighting design company Castros employed a 12-strong team to install more than 250,000 LED lamps and cabling equivalent to 14 times the length of Bond Street. The team spent about 5,000 hours on the construction of the large lighting fixtures, with a peacock feather design.

This illuminations scheme is a part of a re-development plan for the street that will see an investment of more than 20 million pounds or $31.6 million.

Matthew Girling, chief executive officer of the auction house Bonhams, said in his opinion, the “Bond Street roll has been replaced by the ‘Bond Street rev’ with all of the McLarens, and the Lamborginis, going down it. If we can get the pavements back to the designs that Beverley has come up with, and get a bit of the rev out and the roll back, that would be a great thing.”

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