Boom Again is a new "cultural trivia" board game.

As Baby Boomers continue to cocoon at home during the pandemic, Brian Hersch, creator of such games as Taboo, Outburst and Super Scattergories, believes he has a winning strategy to keep them entertained.

He has created a new board game called Boom Again, geared to the 80 million Baby Boomers, many of whom he feels are nostalgic for the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. The game features over 2,200 questions drawn from advertising slogans, jingles, politics, social movements, movies, music, television, and yes, fashion.

“Boomers are starved for entertainment choices that speak directly to them — and are missing the joy of being together. Boom Again will allow them to do just that — even if they play on Zoom,” Hersch told WWD.

The game, designed for two people or two teams, takes the players on a journey from the Twist to disco, “American Bandstand” to “Soul Train,” poodle skirts to miniskirts, and Hula-Hoops to the Pill.

Among the fashion items that get air play are Dickies, love beads, Mary Quant, the miniskirt, Emilio Pucci, Levi, Lee, Wrangler, go-go boots, culottes, Earth Shoes and mood rings.

For example, one of the game’s questions is: Name two commercial products from the Boom Era that came packaged in plastic eggs. The answer: Silly Putty and L’eggs Pantyhose.

Another question is: Which happened first? Mary Quant  releasing the miniskirt, or Disney releasing “The Love Bug.”  The answer? The miniskirt in 1966. (“The Love Bug” was released in 1968).

Or, describe the three basic steps to tie-dye a T-shirt. The answer? Crimp a section of cloth, hold with a rubber band, dip in dye.

Categories include “Things We Saw,” “Things We Learned in School, “Stuff We Learned on the Street,” “News,” and a multianswer category called “Shout.”

Boom Again is packaged in a cigar box, and the game tokens include a metal skate key, the center insert adapter from a 45 rpm record, a “Students for Kennedy” campaign button, a Vietnam-era dog tag, and a working roach clip. The game, which retails for $45, is sold exclusively on

The Boom Again tokens for the board game.  Courtesy shot.






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