The Boy X Meets Girl x Cool Effect Earth Day T-shirt, worn by Reza Cristian.

Boy Meets Girl, a young contemporary ath-leisure brand, has teamed with Cool Effect, a San Francisco nonprofit that provides funding for carbon reducing projects around the world, for an Earth Day campaign. The initiative is to spread awareness and encourage action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Boy Meets Girl has created a limited-edition T-shirt design inspired by Cool Effect’s mission to fight climate change and cut carbon emissions. Using the phrase, “Thou Shalt Stay Cool” featured on the front, the T-shirt is expected to encourage action leading up to and following Earth Day on April 22.

The T-shirt will be available for purchase starting April 8 and will retail for $42, exclusively on

Sophie Elgort photographed the campaign, sharing stories of four New York-based environmental activists who are passionate about taking action and making an impact on the planet for future generations. The stories will be featured on Boy Meets Girl’s blog and social channels. The activists include Nicolette Templier, Miss New York Earth 2019; Reza Cristian, founder of Sustain Magazine; Alyssa Hardy, senior fashion editor at Cools, and Sarah Slutsky, creative director of Shiffon Co. and stylist at The Wall Group.

Boy Meets Girl x Cool Effect Earth Day T-shirt worn by Nicolette Templier.  Sophie Elgort

Stacy Igel, founder and creative director of Boy Meets Girl, said, “Cool Effect’s dedication to carbon reduction done the right way and resilient efforts to unite individuals to fight climate change is inspiration and proof that we can come together to make a change for causes that matter.”

Boy Meets Girl will donate 15 percent of the proceeds per T-shirt that will be evenly distributed among all of Cool Effect’s projects, which range from U.S.-based projects like grassland protection in the Great Plains to clean cookstove initiatives in Honduras and renewable wind turbine energy in Costa Rica.

“With fashion and clothing being an inevitable part of everyday life, sustainable choices can go a long way in reducing an individual’s footprint,” said Cool Effect chief executive officer Marisa de Belloy.