The Boy Meets Girl x Annabel Daou T-shirt.

In a collaboration to support Impact Lebanon, Boy Meets Girl and Brooklyn-based Lebanese artist Annabel Daou have teamed to promote a new collection. Titled #ForBeirut, the unisex adult and kids T-shirts pay tribute to the innocent people who lost their lives in the explosion last week.

The Boy Meets Girl x Annabel Daou #ForBeirut collection benefits the work of Impact Lebanon, an organization that is playing an essential role in the urgent relief efforts in Beirut, where 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate exploded in the port of Beirut, killing hundreds, wounding thousands and displacing hundreds of thousands of people from their destroyed homes.

Sold on the Boy Meets Girl web site, the shirts retail for $25 for kids and $29 for adults. Fifty percent of the net proceeds from every T-shirt sale benefits Impact Lebanon..

Stacy Igel, founder and creative director of Boy Meets Girl said, “Last week, I received a call from my friend Maria Daou telling me are about her beloved city Beirut where she grew up. The latest disaster and crisis that hit Beirut, along with the long history of their crumbing infrastructure is devastating. In the wake of this horrible explosion and its rippling effect on the Lebanese community, I told her I would do anything I could to be involved with Boy Meets Girl. This collaboration is to help bring awareness and support to the organization, Impact Lebanon.”

Annabel Daou, the Lebanese artist who lives in Brooklyn and who created the design for this collection, said, “I was in shock after seeing the explosion. My only recourse was my work. In my studio, I found myself writing the word ‘Beirut’ over and over again like I was trying to hold on to this place that had been shattered. Having grown up in Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War, my life was deeply marked by that destruction and chaos, and this explosion devastated me. I watched friends there begin the almost impossible work of clearing the glass and rubble and caring for the wounded and feeding and housing each other, and I was overcome thinking about the immense suffering they’ve had to endure. They’ve been through so much already that that it seemed unfathomable that they would face this scale of destruction. I wanted to create an image to express solidarity. The drawing is the word ‘Beirut’ repeated to form the beating heart that is the people of that city.”

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