WATER WORLD:  Of the 6,000 people attending Bread & Butter’s High Fidelity opening party at Berlin’s Tempelhof Airport Tuesday night, a mere 2,000 actually experienced its aquatic performance. And the one thing they all knew to expect was that they’d get wet.

High Fidelity 11 (10 is not enough, as “Spinal Tap” fans know) is the trade show’s theme as it entered its 11th year this season. Acrobat performance artists Fuerza Bruta pumped up the energy with amazing stunts and visuals combined with astonishing sound.

Thumping techno, Dubstep, pyrotechnics and a suspended clear-water tank above the crowd (in which semi-nude models frolicked like mermaids) created a surreal sensation. As the ethereal music reached a fevered pitch, the tank began swaying and descending. To avoid being crushed, attendees crouched or sat on the floor. And then, the room’s lighting changed and it began to “rain.” That was the cue for the tank to rise up and the bass to kick in. The crowd cheered and danced.

For those who couldn’t get into the party Tuesday, a repeat performance of the aquabatics will take place each night of Bread & Butter, which runs through Jan. 20. There is to be a changing roster of DJs.

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