MEMBERS ONLY: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Just two months after Bread & Butter chief Karl-Heinz Müller, the grandmaster of the twice-yearly Berlin trade show, revealed plans to open the show to consumers starting in July, he retracted those plans on Tuesday.

In December, Müller unveiled the fair’s intention to add two consumer days to the three-day line-up, as well as reserving the opening day for the press. The aim, it was explained, was “to provide exhibiting brands, labels and designers with an additional marketing tool to address the end consumer … the ultimate customer.” An interactive “lifestyle festival” was envisioned, featuring concerts, fashion shows and brand-focused events.

Many exhibitors, however, reportedly pushed back, citing the additional cost and organizational challenges the consumer days would entail. “Especially following the very successful January event, we are reassured to continue our previous path focused and undeterred,” Müller said. Bread & Butter, he added, “remains a professional trade show, for industry professionals only.”