FIT FOR A QUEEN: Breguet will mark its sponsorship of the Petit Trianon’s restoration with an exhibition of Versailles artifacts. “Marie Antoinette: A Queen in Versailles,” will be held in Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum — a Roppongi space that hosts widely visited exhibitions, including last year’s “Takashi Murakami: The 500 Arhats.”

The exhibition is a partnership between Breguet and the Château de Versailles. Restoration of the Petit Trianon was completed in 2008.

Set to be mounted from Oct. 25 to Feb. 26, the exhibit will “take a look back at the exceptional bond that links Breguet to the last queen of France,” the company said.

Antoinette, an overachieving consumer of luxury, commissioned the watch brand’s founder A.L. Breguet for timepieces on multiple occasions, even commissioning one while in prison.

The grandest of her Breguet pieces was commissioned in 1783, for which “no limits were set in terms of production time or cost, and gold was to replace all other materials wherever possible,” according to the brand. It was to include every possible complication developed at the time. Such a tall order took rather long to produce — so long, in fact, that Antoinette never saw the finished product. It was completed in 1827 — more than three decades after her death.