Just One Eye x Creatures of the Wind Dinner Liz Goldwyn

Brie Larson and Rowan Blanchard were among those invited by Liz Goldwyn and David de Rothschild for dinner at Alma at The Standard, Hollywood, to celebrate the recent victory at Standing Rock and bring awareness to the fight to protect natural resources. Miles Allard, cofounder of Sacred Stone Camp, and his wife Ladonna Brave Bull, who were the first to set up peaceful protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline on the site, were the guests of honor, along with DJ Two Bears of Standing Rock.

Brie Larson, Rowan Blanchard and Liz Goldwyn

Brie Larson, Rowan Blanchard and Liz Goldwyn. 

“I curated the guest list to include people from different circles in Los Angeles who are activists with their own platforms,” Goldwyn said. “Brie is already very active with community service, and Rowan does incredible things for someone who’s just 15. She’s really motivating a new generation to make their voices heard.” Other guests included artists Doug Aitken and Rosson Crow, stylists B. Akerlund and Jessica de Ruiter, Dita Von Teese, Larson’s fiancé, musician Alex Greenwald, Alex Ashbaugh, Daniel Corrigan, Co designer Justin Kern, and singer Rainey Qualley and her sister Margaret Qualley.

Margaret and Rainey Qualley

Margaret and Rainey Qualley 

After a powwow dance performed by Trae Little Sky and Jocy Bird, guests enjoyed a private dinner by James Beard nominated-chef Ari Taymor. The event was billed as “an evening of culture and conversation” to inspire people to be more community-minded. The last dinner Goldwyn hosted there promoted gardening projects in public schools.

“I feel very little capacity for small talk these days,” she said. “It’s not about the latest skirt length or your popularity.” The author and filmmaker’s next project, a short film made in Los Angeles called “Love Meditation” is set to be released over the holidays as well. “It stars someone who you will find very surprising,” she hinted.