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EMBROIDERY ENGAGEMENT: British designer Molly Goddard has teamed with London’s Now Gallery, mounting her first art installation.

Goddard created an installation where six, long bold tulle dresses were hung from high ceilings in the gallery based in Greenwich Peninsula.

The designer is encouraging visitors to get involved with the communal artwork by hand-sewing embroideries onto the dresses. Attendees can tug on pulleys that are tied to the dresses to draw them closer and add their own embellishments, such as needlepoint.

The partnership is meant to engage locals to the area and attract new visitors to the Greenwich Peninsula, in north Greenwich, near The 02 events center.

Goddard said she’s “excited to celebrate craft technique in such an extreme visual way.” The designer called the “non-precious interactive pieces” key to what she loves and what her brand aims to represent.

“I wanted to do something that was interactive, where people could get involved somehow,” Goddard said. “It felt a bit early to do a fashion exhibition that was something on a pedestal, to be just looked at and viewed. It wanted people to be involved in it. I’m honestly shocked. I thought it would be more of a struggle to get anyone involved and embroider, but everyone has.”

Once the dresses are fully embroidered, Goddard plans to donate some of pieces and to auction a dress. “I’d love the exhibition to travel, that’s the main thing,” added Goddard. “I’d really love it to go elsewhere and see how it develops. That would be amazing. I think even if we auction one off at the end of this exhibition and then make a new one, so there’s one fresh one, and then the rest are all covered in embroidery, but we’re thinking to give them to charity.”

Jemima Burrill, curator at Now Gallery, said her team admires “how Molly pushes boundaries and tests conventions when showcasing her work. This installation on Greenwich Peninsula will stay true to form. For our second fashion exhibition we are interested in how the local community, and others, could contribute to an installation. Molly’s bright tulle gowns will hang in contrast to Now Gallery’s glass surroundings — not only visually stunning, but also an opportunity for all to engage in and enjoy the moment of sewing for the sake of it.”

The installation will run from Nov. 4 to Feb. 19.

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