THE WAITING GAME: Enough, already! That’s just what Britons up and down the fair isles are thinking as the days drag on with no royal baby news.

On Tuesday night, images of the nine-months pregnant Duchess of Cambridge driving out of Buckingham Palace — at the wheel of the family Range Rover — emerged, as did news that she and her husband Prince William asked Kensington Palace staff to hand out morning coffee and baked goods to the sprinkling of die-hard royalists who are camped outside St. Mary’s Paddington in anticipation of her arrival.

As the images of the Duchess were released — British media speculated that she’d popped into the palace to take her toddler son Prince George swimming in the Queen’s pool — Prince Edward’s wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, couldn’t help bringing the overdue baby into a speech she gave to members of the fashion industry.

Sophie, who is patron of the London College of Fashion (LCF), was speaking Tuesday evening during an event at St. James’s Palace to highlight the work of the college. She said the industry was surely “keeping its proverbial fingers crossed that it’s a girl,” and predicts “a mass explosion of pink Champagne if it happens. A baby princess would be a welcome addition to the fashion coffers. Mind you, Prince George isn’t doing too badly, either,” she said during the reception. Sophie also stressed that she did not have the inside track on the baby’s sex.

She also talked about the college’s planned move — set for 2021 — from six buildings in central London to a new campus on the former site of the 2012 London Olympics. She wished LCF’s head Frances Corner the best of luck with the move, and suspected the professor would find “quite a few skeletons lurking in a number of cupboards,” once she started packing up boxes. Also on display during the evening were pieces from a traveling exhibition called “The Art of the Dress,” designed by B.A. students at the college, who were asked to re-think the wardrobe staple.