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Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey’s Finery has a new partnership — with online dating site

Since launching the wardrobe operating platform in March 2017, Decker noted that most feedback has been related to getting dressed for a date. “We wanted to figure out if we could find a solution for this. We said, let’s reach out to the leader in online dating, so we reached out to,” Decker explains of the linkup between the two female-led tech companies. “I think ultimately, the thing we have in common with is probably anyone who’s dating online is probably shopping online,” she adds. “Most of our users do 70 to 80 percent of their shopping online.”

Finery visually catalogs and organizes a user’s outfit using information such as linked e-mail accounts, which allows the system to log clothing purchased online. Utilizing analytics and machine-learning processes, the site is able to suggest outfits for users based on their preferences and past choices.

“We have all of your wardrobe-related purchases. So we can see the colors you like wearing, we can see the way you dress in certain weather, we can see the silhouette of skirts you like to wear, we can see the price point you spend at,” said Decker, who also stars in the recent Netflix film “Band Aid.” “When you have all of that data on users, you can really build a strong recommendation and build something that women will want to use and that will also allow them to shop their own closet.”

Through their collaboration with, users of both sites will be able to share outfits and get anonymous feedback. A rating system will also drive a promotional contest, in which the user with the highest-rated date outfit will win a styling session with the Finery team.

“I have my opinion about what people should wear on a date, and I definitely feel like there are certain things you should conceal or withhold as a little surprise for later, until you know someone better,” Decker offers. “I’m really curious to see what the feedback is. Millions of users’ feedback is going to far outweigh my personal opinion on what one should wear on a date.”

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The x collaboration. 

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