Brooks Brothers Fun Shirt.

Two venerable brands are getting into the vintage game just in time for Earth Day.

Brooks Brothers, which traces its history to 1818, has created The Vintage Shop on its website to celebrate its heritage and shine a light on some of its most iconic pieces. Separately, Todd Snyder has teamed with Atelier & Repairs, an L.A.-based archive house, to reimagine some vintage Champion items.

For the Brooks Brothers offering, The Vintage Shop features a little over 50 pieces curated by vintage expert Sean Crowley of Brooklyn-based Crowley Vintage. The company had previously worked with Crowley when the brand was creating exhibitions in Florence, Italy; Tokyo, and New York City in celebration of its 200th anniversary in 2018.

Among the offerings are madras and seersucker shirts and jackets as well as a Fun Shirt from the 1970s, a style a company executive discovered after visiting one of its shirt factories and seeing the tailors creating shirts from leftover fabrics.

Other pieces offered on the site include a collapsible silk opera hat from the 1930s, a deadstock bleeding madras sport shirt from the 1960s, a deadstock picnic basket set from the 1980 and a set of Art Deco flasks from the 1930s.

Prices range from $225 for an oxford popover from the early 1980s and $250 for a Panama hat from the 1970s to $300 for an early 1960s indigo madras sport coat and $400 for the early 1970s Fun Shirt. The Art Deco flask set is $500.

Brooks Brothers vintage golf sweater.

A vintage golf sweater from Brooks Brothers. 

The site explains the origins of the pieces which are sold with a card certifying their authenticity. Several items from the archive collection are also on display at the company’s store at 1180 Madison Avenue in New York City.

The brand’s permanent archives are maintained outside Washington, D.C., and the items available for purchase in The Vintage Shop are not part of that collection, the company said.

“Brooks Brothers holds a unique role in the history of men’s wear and is responsible for countless product inventions and introductions, and these items are still inspiring us today.” said Ken Ohashi, chief executive officer of Brooks Brothers. “As we continue to build a successful future for this iconic brand, we are equally proud to celebrate our special history of innovation, craftsmanship and quality.”

For the Champion archival pieces, men’s designer Snyder worked with Atelier & Repairs to curate an exclusive collection of one-of-a-kind, upcycled vintage pieces featuring artisanal quilting and Japanese-inspired embroidery. The Atelier & Repairs + Champion for Todd Snyder collection launches Thursday, April 22.

Vintage Champion sweatshirt.

Atelier & Repairs used patching to re-create Champion sweatshirts. 

Atelier & Repairs’ cofounder Maurizio Donadi’s L.A. archive houses more 10,000 vintage items from a variety of brands. For this collection, he and his team cut around any damaged parts of the Champion garments and used traditional patching and embroidery techniques to highlight the damaged spots rather than hide them.

Champion vintage

The collection curated by Todd Snyder includes pieces from several colleges. 

“Over the years I’ve built a pretty sizable Champion collection, but Maurizio’s archive just blew me away,” said Snyder. “I was really excited to work with him to curate these one-of-a-kind pieces and give vintage items a second life.”

The 26 pieces, which include sweatshirts from a variety of colleges, will be priced at $198 each and will be offered for sale on the Todd Snyder e-commerce site and his Madison Square Park store in New York City starting at 11 a.m. on Thursday.

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