Brunello Cucinelli's e-commerce.

Italian fashion label Brunello Cucinelli launched its new corporate and e-commerce site on Monday. Produced entirely in-house and available both in English and Italian, the platform is part of the digital project the company started in 2015 with the goal of strengthening its online strategy.

Italian entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli first introduced the importance of the digital tool last November, during a conference call with analysts to comment nine-month results, and highlighting how this should have the key role of communicating the company’s values in a special way.

The web site’s “Philosophy” and “Thoughts on the Contemporary World” sections are proofs of such commitment. Dedicated to retracing not only Cucinelli’s life and beliefs but also to explain his company’s core values, the areas feature recurrent themes, including humanistic capitalism, moral and economic dignity of work, quality, manual skills and attachment to the local community.

Brunello Cucinelli's new website.

Brunello Cucinelli’s new web site.  Courtesy Photo

“I would like to live in a world where not everything boils down to mere profit. Money is valuable only when it is spent to improve man’s life and growth, and this is the end that I struggle to achieve,” shares Cucinelli in a note on the site.

Other sections feature “Territory,” dedicated to Brunello Cucinelli’s hamlet and headquarters of Solomeo, in the region of Umbria; “A Humanistic Enterprise,” retracing the milestones of the company; “Foundation,” which illustrates the firm’s initiatives such as “The Theatre” and “The School of Arts and Crafts” in Solomeo; “Communication,” which showcases past ad campaigns and press releases, among others.

In terms of e-commerce, the newly launched area showcases both women’s and men’s collections, which will continue to also be available on Net-a-porter and Mr Porter.

Inspired by the hybrid figure of “Humanist Artisans of the Web,” first introduced by Cucinelli at the end of 2014, both the corporate and e-commerce sites are designed with an essential and functional layout, balancing images and words.