Norcia's central square after the earthquake.

Italian entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli has answered Norcia’s mayor Nicola Alemanno call to pledge his and his employees’ commitment to restore the city’s civic tower damaged by the tragic earthquake that hit central Italy last October.

Many of Cucinelli’s Italian and international friends, including Salesforce’s founder and chief executive officer Marc Benioff, will join the entrepreneur in restoring one of the laic symbols of the city, built in 1700 and part of its cultural and artistic heritage.

“This is an idea which came from our esteemed employees and which moves me,” said Cucinelli. “To have as supporters real friends of different cultures who believe in the values of fraternity, humanity and dignity, [makes me joyful] and makes me believe in the awakening of men’s great values,” he concluded.

Brunello Cucinelli already pledged to support the restoration works of the city’s Bénédictine monastery back in November. The monastery stands in Norcia’s central square, just next to the civic tower and the San Benedetto 13th-century basilica, which was the most damaged building with only its facade left standing.