Brunello Cucinelli Presents the Hamlet of the Spirit

CUCINELLI’S TEST: Brunello Cucinelli has partnered with the Università degli Studi university in Perugia, Italy, to research the best diagnostic and management strategies to implement safely resuming work after the country’s national lockdown will be gradually lifted starting from May 4.

Coordinated by Prof. Antonella Mencacci, the pilot study will involve 1,000 of the fashion company’s employees who volunteered to be tested as a research base.

“The research will be conducted in collaboration with the Brunello Cucinelli company as it has always represented an example of the application of ethical and moral principles in the corporate world and lays the foundations for the achievement of significant results, including the timely identification and isolation of possible asymptomatic carriers of the virus that could generate new epidemic outbreaks,” said Mencacci. According to the professor, the results will help establish the role of the diagnostic strategies in monitoring the infection, enabling the company to better understand the circulation of the virus in the sample of tested individuals and will help to outline an operative model to be applied in similar working environments.

“I believe the knowledge and great passion with which these researchers are approaching this study full of hope will lead to the concrete results everybody is aiming for,” Cucinelli said in a statement released Tuesday. “All of us have our eyes on a future that belongs to us and I praise whatever action arranged to intervene so that this new time will enlighten our path again soon for the progress of humanity.”

As reported, Cucinelli first referred to a “New Time” earlier this month, when in reporting the firm’s first-quarter results, he took the opportunity to write down his thoughts about the pandemic and how he believes that the post-COVID-19 era will be “brimming with fabulous opportunities,” economic growth and “it will make us see things and life in a different, beautiful, enchanted light,” bringing a renewed respect for human dignity and fair work.

As reported, on Monday Prada Group also revealed a medical-scientific initiative linked to the COVID-19 emergency, as it has pledged to financially support the “Proteggimi” project of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan investigating the disparity in the impact of the virus on men and women and researching why it predominantly affects men.

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