A Michal Pudelka image featured in Bulgari's “The Perfume of Gems" book.

MILAN — Bulgari is celebrating its fragrance business by releasing “The Perfume of Gems,” the first book entirely focused on its olfactory expertise and its intrinsic connection with precious and semiprecious stones that inspire the Rome-based jewelry brand.

Published by Rizzoli, the tome highlights the link between the label’s high-end jewelry and high perfumery creations — specifically focusing on the Le Gemme fragrance collection — retracing the historic origins of precious gems and essences, their botanical properties, cultural references and how they were translated into scents.

A Michal Pudelka image featured in Bulgari's “The Perfume of Gems" book.

A Michal Pudelka image featured in Bulgari’s “The Perfume of Gems” bookCourtesy Photo

The publication stands out for combining different perspectives and creative forces on the topic, enlisting contributors from different industries. In addition to the master perfumers behind the Le Gemme collection — Daniela Andrier, Alberto Morillas and Jacques Cavallier — contributors include composer and musician Brian Eno; anthropologist and philosopher Annick Le Guérer; Roman author Chiara Gamberale; biologist Renato Bruni; illustrator Luigi Serafini, and photographer Michal Pudelka, whose images in the book highlight the important role colors play across all Bulgari creations.

Eno shares anecdotes about his first approach to fragrances, which traces back to when “in 1978, in a neglected and unlikely part of London, I came across an old pharmacy, which was crammed with oils and absolutes. Their beautiful names…and unplaceably familiar aromas attracted my curiosity, and I bought over 100 bottles.” Gamberale focuses on the human drive at the heart of any pursuit, Bruni sheds light on the complexity of nature while noses Andrier, Morillas and Cavallier reveal their different experiences, inspirations and goals fueling their creative work.

Priced at $150, the 270-page book will be available in all Rizzoli bookstores globally starting from Nov. 13.

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