Christopher Bailey and Jefferson Hack at an event in Tokyo

Tokyo’s fashion elite descended on the Burberry store in the capital’s chic Omotesando district Thursday night to fete the Japan launch of Dazed Media co-founder an publisher Jefferson Hack’s recent book, “We Can’t Do This Alone: Jefferson Hack the System”.

This was Burberry chief creative and chief executive officer Christopher Bailey’s third stop on his Asia tour, after having hosted events in Beijing and Seoul. In Beijing, the British brand launched its new collaboration with Chinese actor and musician Kris Wu. The actor’s selection of his favorite pieces hits select Burberry China stores earlier this month. Bailey is off to Hong Kong next.

“It’s a quick trip this time, but I just love the energy [in Tokyo]. Number one, there’s such inspiration, whether it’s antiques, whether it’s vintage shopping, whether it’s music here, but even just admiring the people,” Bailey said. “In Japan they love design, they love craft, but also they take such care in the way they present everything.”

Guests at the party were able to purchase copies of Hack’s latest book and get them signed by the author. Each of the 5,000 copies printed of the book has a different cover and is printed with a serial number. The first person in line to have her book signed was none other than Sacai designer Chitose Abe.

Hack said the book “is a way of looking at the past to look to the future.” In addition to many pages of photos and art, it includes interviews with some of Hack’s “favorite collaborators,” including Thom Yorke, Scarlett Johansson and Patti Smith.

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