NEW FOR BYBLOS: Italian company Swinger International, which owns the Byblos brand, has launched a new, high-end line, called Byblos Milano. Designed by Byblos creative director Manuel Facchini, the company’s more fashionable line, which will be produced and distributed globally by Milan-based manufacturer Ghiselli, will debut in stores in the summer.

The first spring Byblos Milano collection consists of a range of graphic, clean frocks, sometimes embellished with jewel-like details, along with a plethora of sartorial-inspired jackets and tops. To complete the lineup, there is also a selection of accessories, including bags.

Facchini, who expects the brand to generate sales of 20 million euros, or $25.7 million, in three years, pointed to Europe, the Middle and Far East as its most appealing markets.