Calvin Klein printed by Lqqk Studio.

The postmodernist prints blanketing Raf Simons’ second offering for Calvin Klein Collection are the work of a New York City screen-printing collective, WWD has learned.

Lqqk  Studio — the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based screen printing studio and brand profiled by WWD last week — took up residence on the 14th floor of the brand’s headquarters, serving an in-house printing operation for the weeks leading up to the label’s show.

Lqqk founder Alex Dondero, along with a staff of five printers, created experimental treatments and screens for the house’s spring collection.

Lqqk Studio’s Brooklyn, N.Y. headquarters. 

Simons’ collection required extensive screen-printing development, logistics and labor. For the task, Lqqk created 70 screens using licensed Warhol prints — sometimes printing garments with up to five layers of color. The team printed on surfaces including leather, canvas, nylon, silk, wool and PVC — adjusting its ink formulas to suit each fabric.

Dondero said of the project: “It was all licensed Warhol prints — that is the inspiration, so staying true to that was really important. The liberties I was given were rooted in technique. It was about how to print something and make sure it’s not too clinical, but not too messy. Being gestural without going too far.”

“It’s kind of just knowing how certain things react when printed on — when you know something might create a type of error, it’s about embracing it and using it to your advantage. That was a big approach to everything,” Dondero added of his technique.

Alex Dondero LQQK STUDIO

Alex Dondero in the space.  WWD

Calvin Klein temporarily relocated Lqqk’s printing machinery to Midtown for the three-week residency — rendering the group’s Bushwick headquarters an empty lot with an expansive record collection. The studio will return to Brooklyn tomorrow.

In the last few weeks, Lqqk has printed runway and showroom samples — as well as a limited-edition commercial run. Additional details on the commercial pieces could not immediately be learned.

“We absolutely pushed ourselves for this one, to be able to print on every kind of fabric possible,” said Dondero. “This is probably the most exciting project we’ve worked on, it’s a milestone for us as far as print work goes.”

When the group returns to Brooklyn this weekend, it plans to prep the biggest release of its own private label to date. That merchandise is expected to drop in mid to late September.