ALVES’ ROAD SHOW: Camilla Alves McConaughey made a stop in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon to tout Macy’s INC, for which she has been brand ambassador for two years. The model/mom/handbag designer made an appearance at the retailer’s Miami store and will make another back in her new hometown of Austin. “It’s really beautiful stuff, quality and affordable,” she said of items like the cobalt stretch trousers she was wearing and a handmade Battenburg lace dress for $99. “Like everything I do in life, I like to include all kinds of women because at the end of the day, we are all the same no matter our skin color or our size,” she said while balancing her third and youngest child Livingston on her lap. “I don’t have it down to a science just yet,” she said of juggling three kids and work. “So I’m taking any suggestions.” In addition to her INC duties, Alves designs a handbag line, My Muxo, and a bag line for QVC, both of which she designs on the road.

While she and husband Matthew McConaughey are based in Austin, they have been on location in New Orleans for the last two years and are about to embark on another film shoot. “The U.S. is my home now,” said the Brazilian-born model. “Getting to go to places like Arkansas and Texas, I’ve fallen more and more in love with the heart of the country.” Her next stop is an appearance at Macy’s in Las Vegas in May.