Britain’s Wool Week

HERD IT ALL: Britain’s annual Wool Week project is aiming to tickle funny bones via YouTube with three short videos that star sheep — some of which talk — and a fast-fashion bashing documentary by the British musician-turned-cheese-maker Alex James.

The Campaign for Wool has made the videos, “Braaaad Pitt,” “No Sweat,” and “Sheep of the Year Awards,” to raise awareness of the sustainable, environmental, and hygienic qualities of wool during the week that runs from Monday through Sunday.

Following the screening in London on Monday, James showed a trailer for his upcoming documentary, “Slowing Down Fast Fashion,” which looks at the differences between wool, and oil-based “plastic clothes.”

“More than 80 percent of what we wear is not biodegradable, and fashion is the third most polluting industry in the world,” says James during the one-hour film, which is set to come out next year. “When did our clothes get so unnatural?”

During his on-screen quest to answer that question, James visits landfills and talks to Prince Charles, patron of the Campaign for Wool; to designer Christopher Raeburn, whose collections are made from recycled fabrics; and to Mac Bishop, founder of the men’s fashion label Wool & Prince, who wore a wool shirt for 100 days straight, and says it’s as fresh as ever.

As part of Wool Week, Savile Row has been closed to traffic and covered in grass, where two flocks of sheep are currently grazing, but sadly, not speaking.

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