The Canada Goose store in Soho.

COLD TRUTH: As a blast of arctic air covers most of North America, many consumers in New York, Boston, D.C. and Chicago are donning high-priced parkas from Moncler and Canada Goose. But buyer beware: There are web sites and retailers in the market selling counterfeit jackets and accessories. A Canada Goose spokesperson urged shoppers to check out its web site, which includes a URL search tool to verify whether a site is an authorized dealer. The company said there are several giveaways on fakes, and suggests examining the logo patch to see if there are misspellings and/or poor quality stitchings. It advises checking the hood, too.

“Authentic Canada Goose fur ruffs look thick and luxurious,” the company said. “They are functional in that they provide ultimate protection against frostbite on the face. Counterfeit fur looks scraggly, tangled and sometimes dirty. Coyote ruffs are also much softer than commonly used alternatives such as raccoon. As well, look for poor seam quality on the hood.” This past fall, the brand added a hologram label inside the coat as an additional test of authenticity.

With Moncler, the company has established a brand-protection department that includes a consumer information web site about fake products.