Canyon Goods

HIGH STANDARDS: A new online boutique has launched, looking to enter the sustainable fashion fray.

Canyon Goods, started by stylist Sara Dinkin, is the latest business looking to get in front of a more conscious consumer. The digital marketplace offers 25 sustainable brands, including Clare Bare lingerie, Vow London sunglasses, Boyish denim and hemp cotton clothing from Seeker, among other lines. Categories covered include tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, footwear and swim.

There’s also a small selection of vintage pulled from Dinkin’s own closet, including a Dior suit and a Sixties-era Playboy polyester long-sleeve top. The pieces have been accumulated from Dinkin’s time styling, working with celebrities such as “Glee” actor Chord Overstreet and singer Meg Myers.

Brands sold on Canyon Goods range from those made with recycled materials to organic, cruelty free or fair trade, among other attributes.

“Sustainable fashion is really our only option at this point,” Dinkin said. “While styling, I started to research climate change and how fashion was impacting the planet and I was truly horrified by the information I was finding.”

Dinkin said she looked for sustainable marketplaces, but her search didn’t yield anything that caught her eye. She set up an Etsy shop selling vintage apparel and ran that business for about six months while living in Laurel Canyon, which is where the shop gets its name.

Canyon Goods enters a market in which existing players offering sustainable brands in online stores include businesses such as Made Trade, Ethica, The Green Hub and Accompany.

Dinkin said her competitive advantage is in using a range of models and cross-promotion as part of the company’s merchandising strategy.

Dinkin, who self-funded the business, works with brands on a consignment basis, and said her goal is to grow the company into a “one-stop shop” with men’s apparel, home decor and apothecary expected to be added over the course of the year. A year from now she hopes to launch her own petite women’s brand.

The stylist later this year plans to bring Canyon Goods to brick-and-mortar with pop-up shops.