CASTELBAJAC’S CREATIONS: Capco Covent Garden has tapped Jean-Charles de Castelbajac for an art installation.

The designer has undertaken a series of live illustrations on a mirrored installation near the Royal Opera House. De Castelbajac who painted his Pop Art-inspired mural in bold hues of red, yellow, green and blue, created large-scale abstract designs with angels on the mirrored walls.

“I was thinking about what is our world today,” de Castelbajac told WWD of his illustrations. “I’m always focused about happiness, but mostly about hope and about how they fit together. So I designed those angels because I think maybe it’s my mystical side but we are all angels for each other. I always use three primary colors because they are the bases of all my work.”

This event is a part of Covent Garden After Hours, a new series of late night shopping events organized by the company, where de Castelbajac has created the logo and visual look which includes a colorful rendering of the shopping district.

Castelbajac noted that he will launch a book in November which not only highlights his 40-year career but focuses on his collaborations with various artists. Titled “Fashion, Art, and Rock and Roll,” the tome is published by teNeues in collaboration with YellowKorner.

“This is all my life: Fashion, arts, and rock ‘n’ roll,” he said. “And here in London for me it is all about rock ‘n’ roll. When I was 17, I heard a song from The Animals, called the ‘House of the Rising Suns.’ I said ‘What am I doing in this country? I have to go to London.’ I came to London and London changed my life. I always like the eccentricity here and also the people together.

“I’ve had a long career,” he added. “So it was time to do a book and the book is about all 40 years of fashion, of 40 years of collaborations with Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Mapplethorpe, Cindy Sherman and all the artists I work with. I have spent my life doing crossover. I want it to be a very inspirational book. This is not a book to say what I have done. I want people to get inspired.”